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About Us

Galveston’s Oldest Professional Surfing School

C-Sick Surfin's owner Brian surfed his first wave in 1962 while living in Hawaii. He has been catching waves ever since and decided to share his passion for surfing and created C-Sick Surfin.

C-Sick gave it's first surfing lesson back in 1999 @ the 43rd street jetty and has been teaching surfing ever since. Over the years C-Sick Surfin has taught 1000's of people of all ages from all over the country and the world. C-Sick's instructors are all local surfers, with years of experience teaching surfing who really enjoy teaching and are very good at it.

With more then 40 soft top surfboards of different sizes and 200 plus wetsuits for the cold water days the C-Sick crew is ready for all the different weather and waves Galveston has can come up with. Come join the C-Sick crew and Brian on the beach today.

Open All Year!

409.770.9455 (voice only please)

409.370.6714 (text only please)

Lessons By Appointment